PS Property Management Company – Resident Portal Overview


Homeowner Portal Video Tutorial from PS Property Management Company on Vimeo.



Logging In:

When you first login to your resident portal, you start on the dashboard page with several other pages listed on the left- hand side. Below is a description of each area of the resident portal



The Dashboard acts as the homepage for our resident portal. Here you’ll find several pieces of information including when your next assessment is occurring and or any recent items relating to your account

My Account:

Here you will see recent assessment charges and payments for your account.




Make a payment:

Here you will find our 4 payment options available online:

Auto Draft This is our auto draft program. The full balance on the account is debited every month on the 8th of the month from a checking account. Checking account and routing information are needed and a you must have a zero balance in order to enroll in this option.

One-Time E-Check - This is a Free One-time payment option using your checking account and routing information.

Recurring E-Check - This is a Free recurring payment option using your checking account and routing information that you can schedule the dates you wish to pay on a recurring schedule.

Credit Card This is a one-time payment option that you can use a credit card. Please note that each credit card transaction carries a transaction fee. Payments of up to $3,000 are accepted with this option.







My Items:

Here is where you can see any recent notifications or updates on your account. This area you view can payment alerts, request statuses, recent community E-mails, and many other communications for your address and your community.

My Contact Info:

In this area you can update your contact information including email and phone numbers. You can also select your preferred general communication and billing preferences.  You can also set your community directory preferences and choose which information you wish to share.  Please note that by default we do not list homeowners email address and phone numbers in the directory.  If you wish to share that information, you can simply uncheck the “Hide email in directory” or “Hide Phone in directory”






My Login:

This area is where you update your email on file and modify your password on your account.

ARC Requests:

This is where a homeowner can submit an ARC Request. ARC stands for Architectural Review Committee. If you wish to make exterior modifications to the exterior of your home, you will need to submit an application and supporting materials for the request



Submit a Request:  This is the area you want to go to send a direct request to our office. Please provide any available pictures or attachments available to help expedite your requests

Billing - These is where you want to address any billing questions you have on your account General Any general questions that are not billing related

Work Order Association This is where you can submit any common area maintenance requests (pool, front entrance area, street, etc.).  Once received you will be updated automatically on that request as it progresses.




Calendar and Events: Here you can view any scheduled or upcoming community events.




Here you can see the community directory. Remember if you wish to modify weather your contact information is listed here, click on the My Contact Info to edit.




Here is where you can find important community documents including: Declaration and Bylaws, community polices, maps, pool information and many other types of community information. This area is updated as new information is made available for your community.